Outputs/Deliverables WS 1 – Generation of data and knowledge Virtual library (to be included in the cooperation platform) Intermediate Report - criminological analysis Final Report - criminological analysis Article: Method development for NPS products using elemental techniques-printed/electronic Data library: Consolidated and standardised key spectral data from collaborators Article: Supply chain computational model Article: Analysis of [...]


Activities WS 0 – Management and coordination of the Project WS 1 – Generation of data and knowledge It focuses on 4 main research issues/activities: The criminological analysis (Act. 1.1) will outline/map NPS supply chains in terms of production, distribution and sales, with specific regards to the Internet and to the role of organized crime. [...]


Objectives The overall aim of the Project is to contribute at enhancing a knowledge-based joint EU approach to effectively addressing the rapid spread of NPS, by promoting a range of key-issues. These include: generation of data/knowledge, information-sharing, and cooperation. The specific objectives of the Project are as follows: •    to scientifically identify, assess and monitor [...]

Research problem

Research problem Although illicit drugs’ misuse in Europe has recently stabilised, significant changes recently occurred in the EU drugs market which the new EU Drugs Strategy (2013-20) will be targeting, including the continuing high prevalence of drug-related deaths, also associated with NPS. The possibility to easily/anonymously access these substances via Internet is increasing their availability [...]