Surveys about Nps by University of Hertfordshire students

Two Master of Pharmacy students at the University of Hertfordshire, UK, are working on their Master’s thesis under the supervision of one of our UK Partners.

They are investigating the different user of the kratom and hydrangea plants and its products and why individuals they use them.

In order to get as wide an understanding as possible we would like to invite any visitors to this website or others interested in these plants to take part in the surveys, by clicking on the appropriate link.


Survey on the use and abuse of Kratom


Survey on the use and abuse of Hydrangea


Ethics approval has been given by the Ethics Committee of the Health & Human Science Research Institute, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK (November 2013; PAE/10-42(2)-Recreational Drugs’ European Network: an ICT prevention service addressing the use of novel compound in vulnerable individuals). All answers are anonymous and will only be accessed by the researchers and their supervisor, John Corkery